are you pulling your hair out trying to update your website?

It doesn't need to be that way....

You have a website, but:

  • * Your ideal customer isn’t coming to your site
  • * You need help with adding widgets
  • * Your site is looking out of date
  • * Something is broken that needs fixing
  • * Your hosting service renewal is coming up

need help with your website?

You don’t have a website, and:

  • * You’re not sure where to start
    * You want it to be easy to update your own content
    * You want the option of adding eCommerce capability
    * You want it to attract business leads
    * It needs to be affordable

website consulting

No jargon, just clear straight talking about your WordPress website needs

website design

You can start from scratch, spruce up your current site or get coached on how to you to do it yourself

web form design

Get help creating custom (contact, sign up, order, payment etc) forms on your WordPress website

mobile ready (responsive)

According to, so far in 2020 over 50% of worldwide web traffic has come from mobile devices. Make sure your website can rescale itself to preserve the user experience on a mobile device

e-commerce ready

Get help with setting it up or integrating it with other products

website visiblity (SEO)

Ensure your potential customers can find you via your favourite search engine e.g. Google or Bing

what my clients say

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Catherine Wilson
Natural Health Practitioner
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Lesley Cashell
Dance School Manager
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Paul Tanner
Business Coach

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